Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jason Bonham sits in for Led Zeppelin tribute band's encore

Jason Bonham didn't just attend Saturday's concert by tribute band Led Zepagain.

Sure, for most of the set, he stood on the floor at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard just like anyone else who'd come to hear four musicians recreate a full Led Zeppelin concert from 1977.

But for an encore, Bonham took the place of regular drummer Jim Kersey, a mustachioed lookalike of the man whose memory lingered in a teen-aged Bonham and inspired him to practice so he could play like his dad.

Above, Bonham thrills singer Swan Montgomery during a rendition of "Rock and Roll" that closed Led Zepagain's recreation of a 1977 Led Zeppelin concert.

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And here, Bonham basks in a warm audience reception at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard with all four members of the band, which also includes, on left, Jim Wooten as John Paul Jones and Steve Zukowsky as Jimmy Page.

Don't forget that this is the same tribute band that Page once paid a visit back in January 2004. What is it with these guys that they're attracting such big names to their shows?

In an unrelated story, I can see why Robert Plant might be tempted to pay the $8 cover to get into Fontana's on Manhattan's Lower East Side tonight for a midnight set by his son Logan's up-and-coming band, Sons of Albion.

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