Wednesday, January 14, 2009

VH1 to air Foo Fighters show with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones

"The Foo Fighters' Live At Wembley Stadium DVD, which included the band's team up with half of Led Zeppelin, will air on VH1 this Saturday, January 17 at 10 p.m. ET."

Wow, they'll have to do some editing! I have the DVD, and Dave Grohl says quite a few things that VH1 won't air!

But good show in all. Well worth watching the whole thing and waiting for the good stuff toward the end. And by that, I of course mean Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones surprising the London audience by showing up and running through two Zeppelin numbers with half of the band.

The Foos sure had a lot of good, catchy songs of five minutes or less. The first half of the show is all that sort of stuff. Then, they air some of their longer numbers, and in the middle of it all are band introductions including a very laudable triangle solo.

It's a good watch, so set those DVRs now, or better yet -- get your own copy of it on DVD or Blu-Ray today!

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  1. Have to admit I found the DVD a little disappointing. Sound wasnt great and too many short songs.
    Led Zep numbers are a bonus, but Jimmy Page looked ancient.


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