Monday, December 1, 2008

Myles Kennedy states the obvious when deflecting Led Zeppelin question

Has Myles Kennedy been in the studio with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones?

In this videotaped interview for Stormbringer in Austria, the Alter Bridge singer deflects this direct question, only to offer what sounds like a prepared statement designed to be evasive.

"I'll say this. Can I just say this?" He looks into the camera and says, even with the hand gesture of a politician, "I am not singing for Led Zeppelin."

Of course Myles Kennedy is not singing for Led Zeppelin. If he's singing in a band with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones and even Jason Bonham, it'll be with a few Led Zeppelin members, but they aren't going to call it Led Zeppelin. It won't be called Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant. Even Page's management has said so. We all know that.

Kennedy might as well have said he's not singing for Creed. His current band, Alter Bridge, includes three former members of Creed, with him being the only one in Alter Bridge who wasn't ever in Creed. Same scenario, same concept. But that's not what the interviewer asked, and so that's not the answer he got.

Kennedy doesn't look like he would offer any other explanation. He looks like that's all he is permitted to say. Which, if you're like me, either means his lips are sealed or he just plumb cherishes all the attention.

The interview, which has Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti sitting at the right side of the interviewer and Kennedy on his left, goes for nine-and-a-half minutes before that question and answer. It opens with some questions about the band's decision to play Led Zeppelin songs onstage and Kennedy's blues influences such as Robert Johnson.

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