Tuesday, March 25, 2008

John Paul Jones returns to London stage for R.E.M. concert

Uncut reports today that John Paul Jones performed onstage at the Royal Albert Hall in London last night, along with Robyn Hitchcock.

The concert, billed as R.E.M. and Friends, saw the premier London performance of tracks from R.E.M.'s new album, Accelerate.

Onstage, R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck noted the presence of Jones, who provided string arrangements for several songs on the group's successful 1994 album, Automatic for the People.

Uncut reports that Buck said he had been debating with Jones backstage over what year Led Zeppelin performed at the Royal Albert Hall. Buck said 1969, whereas Jones said 1970. Buck claimed to have a bootleg of the show, so he said he was sure.

Actually, they're both right.

  • A June/July 1969 concert series at the Royal Albert Hall billed as the Pop Proms included a June 29 performance from Led Zeppelin.
  • But the group's more famous and widely bootlegged Royal Albert Hall performance took place on Jan. 9, 1970; much of that set was officially released on DVD in 2003, with edited versions of two live cuts from the show having been officially released back in 1982 on Coda.

Jones and Hitchcock are scheduled to perform together again at Bergenfest in Norway on April 30.


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