Monday, January 14, 2008

Led Zeppelin imagery abounds in Verizon ad

A 30-second commercial for Verizon Wireless featuring the song "Kashmir" draws in a number of images identified with Led Zeppelin.

The television spot, developed by ad agency McCann Erickson, is part of the mobile service provider's campaign unveiled last October. The campaign offers, for the first time ever, digital downloads of Led Zeppelin's back catalog.

The ad depicts a twentysomething male wearing headphones who is listening to "Kashmir" as he walks through busy city streets. During his commute, he passes such images as the band's four symbols, used as tattoo art, and the Swan Song logo depicted on a poster wall. A double-neck guitar is displayed in a storefront window.

As our protagonist approaches a building resembling the one depicted on the cover of Physical Graffiti, the song is interrupted by the ring of his cellphone. In the background is a man carrying a bundle of sticks, as is shown on the cover of Led Zeppelin's untitled fourth album.

A voiceover at the end of the commercial states, "The world's greatest band is rockin' America's hottest phones with thunderous tracks, ringtones and more. Led Zeppelin comes to V Cast from Verizon Wireless."

An older post about Led Zeppelin permitting its music to be included in multimedia efforts can be found here.


  1. Hi Steve
    How do you open the Advertizing Age player to view the new LZ/Verizon ad? I haven't been lucky enough so far.
    Mladen, Sofia, Bulgaria

  2. I guess the commercial is no longer available at that link, and I haven't seen it online anywhere else.


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