Thursday, October 4, 2007

White, clean and neat: Jimmy Page's head of hair

Look at the calendar; this is October 2007. Jimmy Page is three months shy of 64. The guitarist is getting up there in age, and it's showing a little. Check out the latest images of him in this newly created photograph collection from Ross Halfin.

Jimmy Page's hair is gray.

Or is it white?

There are some new lines on his face.
He looks at his guitar as if it were a foreign object. Is this a sign of memory loss?

No, thank goodness he remembers how to play.

And how to rock.


  1. I dunno, Steve--are we *sure* he still knows how to play/rock when all he's fingering here are simple E and G chords? ;-)

  2. Ah hell... He's looks great. He's 63, not 26! I should look so good at that age. The show on the 26th although not the Zep of the 70's will be great however they choose to pull it off. And lest we not forget, it isn't the 70's anyways...

  3. Do you think now that his hair is that color, he ought to make it shorter?

  4. Wonderful photos. You have to envy Ross Halfin his opportunities to photograph the man.

    Jimmy looks great. Not "great for 63", just...great. He's lovely. And no, he shouldn't cut his hair. Those are genuine Jimmy Page curls!

  5. Pagey's hair was going gray back in the Firm days. He started dyeing it around the time of the Unledded shows.

  6. The man has always looked awesome in my book at every age...I agree with "peromyscus"...Jimmy looks great, not "great for 63" but great in his own right.

    The grey/white looks good on him and he looks very comfortable with himself in the pics...he smiles more than ever before. He looks wonderful, happy and healthy and I'm glad for him.

    And reading from Ross Halfin's diary, congrats are due to him as a new Grandpa...thanks to Scarlet's baby, Martha Alice, just born a few days ago.

  7. Saw
    Jimmy at the closing ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics. He still rocks, and looks as hot as ever.The white hair is becoming.

  8. I think he looks as sexy as ever. I am in love with the long white hair makes his face more open and beautiful. He is talented and has depth of spirit that just glows through his face and lovely smile. Yeah...I'd say he is aging beautifully.


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