Wednesday, January 15, 2003

American musician JP Jones says he was confused with Led Zep member only once

This news originally appeared in an edition of the newsletter "On This Day In Led Zeppelin History."

Yesterday, I mentioned an American musician who records under the name JP Jones. His debut album in 1973 was released under his real name, John Paul Jones, an album that was handed on more than one occasion for the Led Zeppelin bassist of the same name to autograph.

Lemon Squeezings has heard from this American musician. Asked whether he had ever been mistaken for the Led Zeppelin bassist, JP Jones had this to say:
Well, this is a first, hearing something about John Paul Jones (the "REAL ONE"). No one who's heard my work has confused me with anyone else, at least not to the point where it's been brought to my attention, except, notably, ASCAP [The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers]. They sent me a few checks for some Led Zep tunes some 25 years ago or more -- nothing really big, of course, but enough so that I had to return them and ask them to straighten it out. Always wondered if the reverse were true.

After Windfall/CBS released that first record of mine (a disaster both commercially and artistically, as far as I was concerned -- in no small way thanks to the powers that be -- or were), I had ASCAP change my official name to JP Jones. They still can't keep all their records straight about the hundreds of songs I've written, but at least they make fewer errors, mostly omissions.

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Those of you in New England who want to check out JP Jones can do so on Saturday, Feb. 15. He will be appearing at the Vanilla Bean in Pomfret, Connecticut. For more information, see his Web site at

Don't forget: John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin has a Web site at

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