Monday, March 8, 1999

Page/Plant breakup rumor just that, a rumor

The following commentary originally appeared on a previous Web site of mine, "From Black Dog to Hot Dog," in reference to an earlier speculative report about a possible breakup of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. They had indeed broken up at the time, although I obviously wasn't sure and couldn't commit to saying it.

Unfortunately, I misinterpreted the information I was previously given. The rumor that Page and Plant are breaking up is nothing more than a rumor that started by some speculation that Page would ask for some time off since he is a new father. Therefore, my March 6 headline and my posts before that were incorrect. I do not think Page and Plant are breaking up now, and I think a further Page and Plant album would far exceed what Plant could do on his own.

Due to the heavy publicity I received in the last few days, the number of hits to my webpage since the beginning of the year has doubled in the course of two days. From Black Dog To Hot Dog received eight short of 300 hits combining March 5 and 6.

The old news story follows, inaccurate and speculative though it may be.

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